Seduction Nail Polish (Glow in the Dark)

Glow In The Dark Topper

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Wikkid Polish - Gothic - Seduction Nail Polish (Glow in the Dark)

A dark, seductive cape of sequins enveloping you with a swirling nebula of pink and gold, a vibrant cloak to dazzle and distract as it propels you inexorably into Vespera's iced sapphire heart. There's no escape from here, our Divas have you helplessly enmeshed .. but who doesn't want to spend eternity in a blizzard of bling?

DESCRIPTION: Clear base with UCC flakies shifting through cyan, magenta, gold and green with scattered holo and random colour Glow In The Dark.

APPLICATION: Brush 1 or 2 coats over a base colour, or sponge on to the nail for full opacity.

* This is a clear base; GITD pigment looks grey in the bottle but it is transparent on the nail.


  • These polishes are all about the drama, but Seduction comes in many guises. Irresistible over a ghostly grey or playing joyfully over a soft pink, the only certainty is that Seduction is inevitable ..

10 ml bottle

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