Night Unfurls its Splendour (Thermal)

Flakies Shimmer Thermal

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Danglefoot Nail Polish - Phantom of the Opera Collection - Night Unfurls its Splendour

This thermal polish is a peachy nude in its warm state with red shimmer and large bronze/red flakes which transitions to a dark blue when cold.

Inspired by a line of song from Phantom d the Opera.
Unfortunately the bottle sent for swatching arrive during a heatwave and has stopped transitioning properly so the swatch photos don’t show the accurate shade in its cold state. The swatch stick photos show the cold shade and there is a video in the Danglefoot Facebook group showing how quickly it transitions.

Thermals can start to lose their reactive properties after 6 months but can last up to 24 months or even longer is stored in a cool place out to sunlight.

Size: 10ml. Made in the UK

Swatches by Nelly Christophylaki - @_silver_tabby_ and @designerjonails

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