G-Force "X" Burnish Base Coat


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SuperChic Lacquer - G-Force "X" Burnish Base Coat - 15 mL / 0.5 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Newly Reformulated - Gummier, Easier, Betterer!

Introducing the BETTER, EASIER all new incredible Burnish & Bond, Gummier Base Coat!  It's all the rage, the trending art of burnished holos, mirror pigments and chromes to create the perfect mirror and holo-mirror effect manis!   G-Force "X" Base Coat is a hassle-free perfect primer canvas for your polish-rubbing project, eliminating the oh-so-common frustration of not-so-sticky primers! 

PLEASE NOTE:  For beauty and clarifying purposes, a hint of milky mint tint simply sets G-Force "X" apart from our other nail care products.  The all new amazing original G-Force "X" formulation, is color enhanced yet applies completely clear!

For best results, apply 1 smooth coat directly to clean, dry nail beds or over any solid base color.  Let dry approximately 30-60 seconds until dry to a tacky touch, semi-dry finish.  Gently rub or "burnish" pigment of choice to desired effect using an eye shadow, foam applicator wand or hey, even your finger!  Lightly dust off loose pigment particles.  Finish by sealing with a high quality clear top coat. 

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