Beguiled Nail Polish (Glow in the Dark)

Glow In The Dark Topper

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Wikkid Polish - Gothic - Beguiled Nail Polish (Glow in the Dark)

And oh! you will be, as the sultry charms of Brienne inform this complementing flakie, picking up on her intricate plays of bronze, turquoise and pink to become this transcending topper. The lady herself is calling you to wear her crystallised gown, but once she has you ..

DESCRIPTION: Clear base with UCC flakies shifting through fuschia, gold and green with scattered holo and random colour Glow In The Dark.

APPLICATION: Brush 1 or 2 coats over a base colour, or sponge on to the nail for full opacity.

* This is a clear base; GITD pigment looks grey in the bottle but it is transparent on the nail.


  • Although inspired by Brienne, this beautiful flakie topper will enhance any number of polishes, from pinks through golds and into green/teal. 

10 ml bottle

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